Painting Techniques that Bring a Hallway to Life

July 24, 2017

Some people don’t give hallways much thought when painting and
decorating. Instead, they focus on rooms.

The fact is, a great looking hallway can have the same, if not more, impact
than the most eye-catching family room or bedroom, especially when you
need to go through the hallway to get there!

Here are some painting tips that can bring a dull hallway to life:

• Paint the hallway the reverse of the rooms around it. If the rooms are
dark, use light colours in the hall. If the rooms feature simple colours,
consider being more dramatic in your choice of hallway paint.

• In a longer hallway, using two shades of the same colour on
perpendicular walls can make the space seem less tunnel-like. (The
darker shade goes on the shorter walls.)

• Darker colours can work well if the space is well-lit and there are few,
if any, shadows cast.

• If you decide to paint the halls white, select an off-white or eggshell
white. Avoid stark white as it will reflect light in a way that’s

One more tip: Pictures can go a long way in making a hallway look inviting,
regardless of the wall colour.

Good luck with the painting!